Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Coast Guard Training in the Commonwealth Room

Secretary of State Galvin and Register Vigliotti are proud to announce that the First Coast Guard District , Intelligence Branch of Boston will be using the Commonwealth Room in the Registry of Deeds tomorrow, December 5th, for a day long training session.

This training session is another in a list of many other activities that are hosted in the Commonwealth Room. These events are not only great for the nonprofit and government groups using the facility but also for bringing people into Downtown Worcester and CitySquare. For more information on the Commonwealth Room, please contact Linda Curran.

Notary Service Now Available in Fitchburg

The Registry of Deeds is now offering free notary service at the Fitchburg Satellite Office, located within the Worcester North District Registry of Deeds. As always, notaries are available in the Registry in Worcester. This service is particularly helpful for homeowners looking to record a Declaration of Homestead, which offers protection on primary residences. Now, homeowners recording a Homestead at the Satellite Office can obtain the form, have it notarized, recorded, and returned to them at once, just like in the Registry in Worcester.